• Design and development of new yarns, fabrics and non woven structures for multisectorial uses. Research and development projects

In our pilot plants, and also with industrial machinery, we can design and produce prototypes of yarns, fabrics and non woven structures for conventional uses and for technical and smart textiles by multisectoral applications.

Validation of quality in our laboratories. Optimization spinning and weaving processes. 

  • Advice on the  business reorientation

Specialized in industrial advice for business reorientation towards emerging sectors.

We have advised multinational and emblematic companies; just as Societies and Institutions which relates to textiles.

The CTF belongs to the CIT-UPC, which has 370 researchers, 60% of whom have a PhD, and is one of 38 multidisciplinary UPC research teams on campus of Terrassa.

The synergies between these teams, can solve in a complete way, all projects that may arise.

  • Consultancy about design, manufacturing and quality. Feasibility studies

The CTF collaborates in consulting works, about design, manufacturing, quality management and feasibility studies aimed at the areas of fibre production, spinning, weaving and apparel industries.

  • Testing, reports and expertises

We have the equipment by physical and chemical testing for fibres, standard and special yarns, woven and knitted fabrics, nonwoven fabrics and garments.

The tests are carrying out according to international standard test methods, according to procedures proposed by the customer or by specific test methods of our Centre.

To validate the results, we have experimental values internationally verified.

Specialized laboratory in textile structures made by continuous filaments and elastic yarns.

Official validity of our analysis and technical reports. We provide support in judicial matters to law firms,  insurance companies and  public agencies.

  • Technical training in textiles

The CTF has teached about 350 textile courses at different levels, in the University or in the Company.

The list of topics, the  duration and course logistics and language are prepared as to customer requirements.

Highly participatory courses, solving the problems posed by the audience and developing all the topics from case study.

The training can be “on site”, at distance learning or combined. Complete documentation about  courses content and diploma are delivered.


The CTF guarantees confidentiality in their services.